Friday, November 30, 2007

Sculptures painted

I finally got around to painting a couple of my sculptures. They still need to be touched up with dullcote and glosscote. You can see the concept sketches in this post.

I might cast this one in resin someday to get a translucent look that matches my concept art more closely.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

old shaman

These are character sketches for a graphic novel project that is on indefinite hold. I had fun trying out a more "cartoony" style than usual.

aquatic creature


I really enjoyed reading Neil Gaiman’s excellent novel Neverwhere. I couldn’t resist sketching my versions of the assassins Croup and Vandemar. Go buy the book!


Here is a little sculpture I did of one of the alien designs. It is Super Sculpey. I plan on painting it when I get the time.

What could have been

Alien character concepts for a canceled project. Some of these were supposed to be for an alien rock band.
Don't piss him off.

Billy Idol + Mars Attacks!

This guy is trying so hard to be intimidating. Piercings and facial tattoos that are stylized representations of human hair growth patterns….but he is still soft and squishy.

If your face is made out of cartilage it is very difficult to smile.

This guy is the alien version of the grumpy neighbor, always complaining about how much noise you are making.

1 part cow + 2 parts frog = cute little demon

I can"t promise the demon recipe will come out the same each time.

random sketch. Playing around in Painter.


I started this blog to document my process as I build an entertainment design portfolio. I will also include various design sketches and whatever else seems to fit. Hopefully, posting the work will push me to improve faster than if I didn’t make it all public!