Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Life changes

Well the last 18 months have been the most challenging in my life. My wife passed away due to breast cancer at the end of October 2008. Her dying at only 31 years old has radically shifted my view on life. It is no longer acceptable to push off the dreams I have to a future that may never come. I have always wanted to travel and so far this year I have spent 3 weeks in Germany and Switzerland, a week in Hawaii and am just about to go on a month long road trip across the USA.

I haven't really had the energy or desire to paint outside of work, so this blog has languished in the meantime. I am feeling better every day, so I hope to get back into the groove of it soon. I really want to feel inspired again and I am hoping the fresh perspective that travel can bring will help.

One of the games I did some work for has come out and another one is due to be published in 2010. I did a lot of background paintings and prop design for them, but I can't show much yet. These images have been published elsewhere, so I can re-post them here.

Here is the cover of A Vampyre Story. I painted everything but the characters, which are 3D with some touch up by me.(.. and the bats, which my boss Bill Tiller added in)

Here are a couple screenshots with backgrounds I painted. The game is Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island which is due in 2010.